Turning Lives Around Through Environmental Regeneration, Fashion and the Arts
Tropical rewilding in Brazil - Atlantic Forest - Serra da Beleza.

Agro-Reforestation Project in partnership with EMATER - Rio - official environmental agency for the state of Rio de Janeiro

Agro Reforestation Project - Aims and Objectives

Wildlife conservation

Our aim is to regenerate the rich variety of wildlife, birds, insects, animals into a naturally thriving environment - restoring the original Atlantic Forest of the region.

Project director Cristina Carneiro de Mendonça has been successful in forging a partnership with the official conservation agency for the State of Rio de Janeiro EMATER - Rio.

Technical assistance and environmental guidance is being provided by EMATER - Rio.

The Farm - Environmental Regeneration

Santo Adolfo is a small family farm in the Municipality of Valença, 168 kilometres from Rio de Janeiro and 1 kilometre from Serra da Beleza, a majestic mountain range and part of a designated protected area of natural beauty.

The farm has been divided by EMATER - Rio in three areas:

Area 1- Sistema Agroflorestal

A selection of native Atlantic Forest trees to include : rare trees, hardwood trees, fruit trees and flowering trees. Some examples are Jacaranda, Pau Brasil, Cedars, Eritrinas, Cassias, Goiabeiras, Cambuca, Ingás.

Área 2- Bananeiral

In the marsh area a Banana Prata (Musa SP) plantation intersperses with Açai, palmito Pupunha, taioba, pumpkin.

Area 3 - Pomar Agroflorestal

A tropical orchard in the area behind the Curral adjacent to 3 natural water springs . A selection of fruit trees to include jambo, jabuticaba, grumixáma, a variety of citrus, as well as manioc, maize and pumpkin.

Cristina Carneiro de Mendonça.

EMATER - Rio consultants in the Agro Reforestation Project- Engenheiro Agrônomo Nelson Pentagna e Engenheiro Florestal Felipe Fernandes.
Environmental concerns

The planting concept includes trails to enable visitors to meander through the Forest , the Tropical Orchard , the Bananeiral experiencing and learning about the native trees and wildlife.

Cristina's vision for her farm is that it will also be a place of education in environmental concerns, engaging with the local community and a destination for old and young alike to learn about their immediate environment. Culinary skills in the making of jams, compotes and jellies from the tropical fruits in the orchard and Bananeiral would be engaging and productive activities for the local people.

EMATER - Rio has offered to set up workshops in existing outbuildings (in need of restoration) making handicrafts from bamboo that grows on the farm, much of which was replanted by Cristina on the riverbanks and roadside to counter the effect of soil erosion in the rainy season and create a habitat for wildlife.

Given the long term Anglophile tradition of the family Dr.Angela Robb, a GP from England and one of our committed supporters, has offered to give English lessons to the local community. Angela has taken a TEFL course and received her qualification for this purpose.

Serra da Beleza - Constanza Haydon from Philadelphia, one of the project supporters with Augusto , manager of Fazenda Flambloyant of the Graça Aranha family.

Waiting for the bus with Gustavo Moura de Almeida, Art Curator and supporter of the project.

Forest Engeneer Renato de Vasconcelos Barros - consultant of the project Renato is the owner of the Nursery in Valença Viveiro de Mudas the provenance of most of the native trees, fruit trees, flowering trees and ornamentals from the Atlantic Forest.

Renato is holding a bunch of ripe apple bananas planted way back by Cristinas grandmother Dona Nair.

Dr. Angela Robb.
MA Cambridge :MBBChir ( bachelor of surgery and medicine Cambridge)
FRCGP Fellow of Royal College of GP
DRCOG Diploma of Royal College of obstetricians and gynaecologists
LLB ( bachelor of law . University of Central Lancashire. 1st class Hons).

Cristina Eastwood Ephemeral Brazil

The Agro-Reforestation Project in partnership with EMATER - Rio
is managed by the Ephemeral Brazil charity.