Turning Lives Around Through Environmental Regeneration, Fashion and the Arts
Humanitarian Work
Ephemeral Brazil in partnership with local NGO Corpo Movimento with its headquarters in Morro Do Cantagalo brings women from diverse favelas in Rio, São Gonçalo, Vale da Penha, Contagalo, Pavão, Pavãozinho together to create unique fashion pieces as a team, learning new design skills and route to market logistics in the process.  Our intervention was pivotal in developing a marketable product that in spite of its artisan origins became a saleable fashion accessory that now sells to smart boutiques in Rio and the UK.

Our beginning was inspired by the passion, resourcefulness and eye for design of the female artisan rubbish collectors of the favelas (slums) of Rio De Janeiro.  We wish to pay homage to a very special team leader Ana Claudio Taruga and her mother Dona Helene who were the catalyst for the entire design, manufacture and  establishment of the production working with all of our local artisans. We were in the process of launching our second collection in February 2010 when an undiagnosed pneumonia tragically brought her life to an untimely end, aged 31 leaving a little boy of 9, Jon Pedro under the care of his grandmother. 

This is one of the reasons why Ephemeral Brazil continues....

Ephemeral Brazil is the love child of Millinery designer Cristina Carneiro de Mendonca. Following a trip to the land of her ancestors, her artist's soul sang when she happened upon the work of these incredibly determined women.


Projeto Generosidade 2009
In partnership with the ABC Trust, Ephemeral Brazil worked with grafitti artists including Instituto Wark in favella Rocinha. Huge banners, graffiti paintings and one off weekend bags were created from yacht sails. This work was exhibited at Rook Lane Gallery, Frome.

Ephemeral and NGO Corpo Movimento have joined forces to launch "Fashion and Design - Riches From Rags" (Projeto Moda e Design Do Lixo Ao Luxo) in the communities of Cantagalo, Pavão and Pavãozinho.

Moda Praia Efemera - Ephemeral Beach Wear - training skills for young women in conflict with the law in Instituto Santos Dumont in Rio de Janeiro.
Training in basic skills of embroidery, pattern cutting, sewing while the women are in the care of the institute with further training and placements within local partner designers and manufacturers. A collection of one off pieces with the beach wear theme will be presented at the Rio Fashion Show.

The long term vision for this project is to have our own premises in the old part of Rio which will act as wholesale, retail, manufacturing and training headquarters. This will enable us to work with other members of the girls families and the communities where they reside.